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Who We Are

Hi! We are Renee, Natalie and Angela and we are the co-founders of Lovewell. We also happen to be sisters. Three sisters who are very similar and nothing alike at the same time. And that idea is what Lovewell is mirrored after- a consistent look across all designs, with each individual necklace having its own identity and feel. Even though we share each others clothes, give style advice and shop together, we all have our own individual style that identifies with our line of jewelry. Angela's line is Boho. Her style is filled with embroidery, layering and mix-matching patterns and textures. Natalie's line is Moto-Rock. She is a rockstar in her own right, donning leather, crop tops, and combat boots while performing and everyday. Renee's line is Classic. Her closet is filled with classic essentials- black dresses, fitted jeans,  and cotton-knit tees.

Our Brand

Lovewell is a line of handmade bead-bar necklaces that are meant to be layered with each other, with other necklaces you love, or even worn alone. Our necklaces are designed within three lines that fit our individual styles- Boho, Moto-Rock and Classic. By mixing and matching our lines, styles, and metals we hope everyone can find a trio that suits their personal style perfectly. Whether it fits your daily look, or is for a specific outfit for a certain event, we think our three lines can compliment any look.  Have fun mixing and matching our pieces- we hope you find something you love!


 What is Lovewell?

The concept for our jewelry started at our family vacation home on Lovewell Pond in Fryeburg, Maine. It seemed fitting to name the brand after its birthplace, and we also love what the word exudes. To love, and do it well. If you do well what you love, everything else will fall into place. That idea is the foundation of our company.