Mother's Day: It Takes a Village

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! Your selflessness day in and day out makes the world go ‘round. Like, literally we foster humanity. Big stuff if you take a minute to ponder it… but really we don’t have time for that because there are mouths to feed, bums to wipe and probably some sticky spill that needs to be cleaned. So…onward!

Being a mom is so rewarding but SO F 'ing challenging.  We all know how important it is to recharge, even if it’s for one hour, to keep us sane. One reason we have enjoyed pursuing our little business is that it has given us something that forces us out of mommy mode and lets us use our heads in other ways.

So easy right? Just turn off mommy brain, head to the oasis that is our creative workspace, collaborate with other empowering individuals over our shiny MAC while expanding our own creativity …

YA RIGHT. Don’t let us fool you. We basically jump through fire-rimmed hoops to get anything done on a DAILY BASIS. We have coffee splattered on our laptops, and meeting with anyone outside of each other requires some serious planning and tactical strategy. It’s exhausting and frustrating and has made us question our own sanity numerous times. We are forever figuring out kid-logistics in order to grab a minute to take a picture, or edit our website, or god forbid…think up a new idea.

It’s so hard, and there is definitely not enough time in the day, every day. But with the help of each other, our parents, and our husbands, we somehow make it work. What we are doing is far from perfect, or where we even want it to be, but at the end of the day we desperately appreciate the break that this little create endeavor has afforded us. And our kids basically have 3 sets of parents… how lucky are they?

We hope you can all find a minute for yourself this weekend to be able to appreciate the chaos that we wouldn't trade for the world. We're told it goes by way too fast....


Angela & Renee